Albagair Flour Mills Co. Ltd.

Albagiar Flour Mills Co. Ltd is a private company owned by Sudanese Technocontracting Ltd. and a number of businessmen.

The project has been executed with the Co-operation of the Sudanese Technocontructing Ltd (TECO) as the main contractor and with Ocrim S.p.A. of Cremona (Italy) as the main manufacturer and supplier of the machines.

The mill was commissioned on the second half of year 1989 with capacity of 300 Tons/ day plus an additional second line of 140 Tons/day reaching a total capacity per day of

440 Tons, comprising up-to-date high technology machines, including auxiliary silos, production ware house, advanced laboratory, workshop, two weight bridges and stand by Power Station. The main production line is milling wheat flour for the bakeries plus an other special flour for the house wife’s and sweets shop.